UD building reinforcement carbon fiber fabric for building construction

Item No.: 00107
Description Review
It mainly made by 12K carbon fiber with ordinary weight 200gsm and 300gsm.It has good performance of high strength,hugh mogulus,light weight,easy construction,high temperature resistance,anti-acid corrosion,and other advantages.It is used mailly in crack repair,building reinforcement,reinforcement against earthquake,etc.
1. the use of the building load increases
2. the project uses functional changes
3. material aging
4. the concrete strength is lower than the design value
5. structural cracks processing
6.harsh environment service component repair and protection

Use Japan and Taiwan 12K carbon fiber,using the latest weaving technology. Ordinary mold: 200gsm.
Type Grade Tensile Strength(Mpa) Tensile Modulus(Gpa) Elongation(%) Thickness(mm) Weight(g/㎡)
H12K-CF200 I ≥3500 ≥240 ≥1.7 0.111 200
II ≥3200 ≥210 ≥1.5 0.111 200
H12K-CF300 I ≥3500 ≥240 ≥1.7 0.167 300
II ≥3200 ≥210 ≥1.5 0.167 300
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