Guangzhou Makers composite Co., Ltd is located in modern international Guangzhou city Guangdong province which is held Canton Fair everyone, is a young, passionate, progressive enterprise,which has a strong executive ability team, the courage to innovate diversification, systematization, digitization,and then get through the global composite of carbon fiber and fiber glass  supply chain, fast and professional toprovide customers with sustainable solutions, to create value for customers.
Main products:Carbon fiber materials and kevlar aramid fabric, carbon fiber products , glass fiber reinforced materials and fiberglass auxiliary materials, FRP products,FRP mould,unsaturated polyester resin,epoxy resin etc.

Application:Car parts,Motorcycle parts,Marine,Wind energy,Surfboard,Chemistry Chemical,Automotive,Pultrusion,anti-corrosion pipes/tank,sports equipment etc.

Sharing resources, achieving symbiosis and win-win outcomes in the upstream and downstream supply chains, and maintained a long-term and stable strategic partnership of cooperation.
Importing Hi-tech materials, new processes, new technologies, new equipment to meet our upstream and downstream suppliers’ demand.



To build a resource sharing platform for the global composite material supply chain
 One-stop global composite material supply chain & tech service  provider 


Integrity to provide customers with sustainable solutions

Upstream and downstream supply chain resources sharing, symbiosis, win-win


The sense of responsibility:
Honest and pragmatic, customer-oriented,people-oriented


diversification, systematization, digitization


Team advantage:

The results of thinking,Passion for innovation,Strong Executive ability